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What lies beyond the veneer?

Water leakage through the exterior wall was reported at a 30-year-old, one-story commercial building in the Midwest. The building had been constructed with concrete masonry unit (CMU) bearing walls clad with brick masonry veneer, and steel open-web joists supporting a steel roof deck. The portion of the building experiencing leakage had been extensively renovated approximately 15 years ago, including modifications to the exterior façades, to create new storefronts for multiple commercial tenants.

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Aging (not so) gracefully

At a three-story office building built in the 1980s, interior water leakage routinely occurred on the second floor. Typically observed during wind-driven rain, it resulted in wetting of interior finishes and subsequent mold growth.

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Tip of the iceberg

Evidence of water leakage was reported in a recently constructed three-story building located in a moderate climate, including staining observed at a few locations on interior finishes.

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