UL launches new support tools for life safety design

November 3, 2017

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has launched new services and support tools to provide critical code compliance advice for building professionals.
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Last month, Underwriters Laboratories[1] (UL) unveiled new services and support tools to provide critical code-compliance judgments and advice to those involved in developing and executing building plans.

Designed as a self-service guidance for architects and contractors, UL Architectural Services[2] provides resources to help design/construction professionals locate code-compliant fire-resistance and smoke-protection solutions for projects. This information makes it simple to locate suitable assemblies and designs.

While architects can usually locate the solutions they require using these online self-service tools, there may be situations when additional assistance is needed. UL Enhanced Architectural Services[3] can save professionals significant time and money with affordable, fee-based investigations, in which the organization reviews project parameters and provides a report describing potential design solutions.

After describing their situation via UL’s architect chat line, completing a research request form, and paying a fee, architects will receive an engineering judgment—a letter or report issued by UL evaluating the impact of modifications to published fire resistance designs and firestop systems.

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