Discover the Best Tools for the steel frame trade


Marino\WARE® helps build America. As a 100 percent wholly U.S.-owned and operated steel framing manufacturer, the company produces a complete line of steel construction products and services used in commercial building across the country.

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Innovation with Insulating Concrete Forms

Photo courtesy Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms Ltd.

This article explores some of the benefits realized through the speed of construction enabled by specifying insulating concrete forms (ICFs)—a technology that combines reinforced concrete with thermal insulation. The piece profiles diverse projects—a school, a multi-family midrise, a big box, and a hotel—in detailing the cost efficiencies. It also looks at ICF design possibilities, installation techniques, and accessory products.

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A question of exposure

CS_Failure St Image

In winter, we become especially aware of the effects of exposure on everything around us. Cyclic wetting and drying, freezing and thawing, dramatic changes in temperature, wind, and cold all contribute to weathering and deterioration of the built environment’s elements (and, sometimes, its occupants).

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