More on duplex stainless steel and bridges

Pedelta’s Cala Galdana Bridge in Menorca, Spain, uses duplex 2205 stainless steel structural components. Photo © Juan Sobrino

In the May 2015 issue of The Construction Specifier, Catherine Houska, CSI, discussed how duplex stainless steels are being specified for numerous structural applications. This complementary web piece looks at a few additional projects from around the world that make use of this versatile material’s attributes.

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A faster, simpler way to a Level 5 finish

CBP_CS_branded feature_photo 1

Drywall is often misperceived as a building material that does not demand the skillful manipulation of a traditional construction material. However, anyone who has worked with drywall knows the product is not so cooperative.

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Walking the Walk

A clear-span steel structural system was chosen to accommodate heavy equipment at the Washington Electric Cooperative project in Marietta, Ohio. A standing-steam metal roof system was specified to provide relief from the leaks of the former facilities.
 Photos © D.A. Fleischer Photography

Energy distributor makes efficiency top priority

By Kevin Hutchings

Maximizing energy efficiency is a key concern on virtually every new commercial construction project. When the construction happens to be for the electric provider itself, it is easy to understand how the priority takes on even greater importance. This was the case for Washington Electric Cooperative, an energy distributor located in Marietta, Ohio.

The company had been operating for years out of three separate …

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Passive Fire Protection and Interior Wall Assemblies

All images courtesy ClarkDietrich Building Systems

To ensure optimal fire protection, building codes require interior wall assemblies to be evaluated by industry standards to determine their fire performance. This article gives examples of fire-rated wall assemblies and passive firestop systems, describing the testing they must go through to achieve their fire ratings. It also covers best practices for the specification and installation of each.

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Specifying non-structural steel studs for interior walls

All images courtesy ClarkDietrich Building Systems

With a history spanning more than a half-century in non-combustible commercial construction, cold-formed steel (CFS) is a popular material choice for framing non-structural interior walls, load-bearing interior and exterior walls, curtain walls, and floor joists. Its many performance-based characteristics and ‘green’ attributes have enabled architects to design safe, durable structures that are both dynamic and sustainable.

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New purposes for cold-formed steel

All images courtesy Radius Track Corporation

Over the past several decades, the confluence of value engineering and sustainable design has enabled construction of better, more efficient buildings. Both trends play crucial roles in realizing the quality, durability, and longevity of the built environment. Often, value engineering and sustainable design can identify the best material for the application and install it in the most efficient way possible. Such careful consideration of materials and processes generally results in less waste, accurate use of material, and efficient use of resources and manpower.

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