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Clarification Regarding Anodizing

In a recent issue of The Construction Specifier, we published a piece, “VOCs… and Beyond: Powder and Liquid Coatings Reviewed.” Two members of the Aluminum Anodizers Council (AAC) have since written in, clearing up some of the inaccurate information regarding anodizing.

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VOCs… and Beyond: Powder and liquid coatings reviewed

When powder coatings were first introduced into the architectural market for metal surfaces, they were heralded as a vastly superior product and expected to quickly replace liquid paint and anodization. However, paint has had more staying power than predicted. To understand what attributes of liquid paint are causing it to remain popular, it is important to take a look a broad range of considerations, including color options, cost, ease of use and performance.

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Selecting aluminum finishes for coastal areas

by Tammy Schroeder

Coastal areas are beautiful locations for commercial and residential buildings, but also pose the greatest challenges in protecting exterior-facing architectural aluminum products from corrosion. Aluminum windows, storefronts, entrances and curtain walls, sun shades, canopies, skylights, column covers, rainscreens, and exterior panels all integrally connect to a building’s façade. Without proper precautions and finishes, corrosion to these components can damage the building envelope’s structural integrity, leading to systemic failure.

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