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Students at UW perform in broad daylight

Students and staff at the University of Wyoming’s (UW’s) Laramie campus can now develop their music, theater, or dance skills in a newly renovated and expanded facility. The $35-million Buchanan Center for the Performing Arts includes both new construction and partial renovation of the existing fine arts center.

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Keeping unitized curtain walls dry

Unitized curtain wall systems offer many benefits when used for the building enclosure. They can increase quality control of the overall system, as the units are largely shop-fabricated under controlled conditions rather than field-assembled.

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Designing better commercial fenestration through thermal design

Fenestration—such as windows, curtain walls, window walls, sloped glazing, storefronts, and doors—affects building energy use through four basic mechanisms: thermal heat transfer, solar heat gain, visible transmittance, and air leakage. Product designers, architects, and specifiers must reconcile the interplay of these factors to arrive at, or verify, optimal thermal performance.

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