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Annual fire protection conference heading to Las Vegas

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is holding its annual conference and expo in Las Vegas from June 13 to 16. The conference brings to life the technology, products, and services that help professionals design, build, manage, and maintain facilities conforming to fire, life safety, and electrical codes and standards.

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Standards and Terminologies

In the May 2014 issue of The Construction Specifier, we published the article, “Passive Fire Protection and Interior Wall Assemblies,” by Gregg Stahl. Soon after, a reader contacted us regarding what he considered inaccuracies. We reached out to the author and, in the interest of continuing the discourse about this important topic, excerpts from both sides are included below.

Reader: The first issue is the reference to ASTM E603. The author mentions this is … Continue reading Standards and Terminologies

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Clarification on wall systems article

The April 2013 issue of The Construction Specifier included a technical feature by J.W. Mollohan, CSI, CCPR, CEP, LEED GA, entitled, “Exterior Wall Assemblies: Are You Getting What You Specified?”  We received the following letter from Cliff Black, a CSI member and a building envelope product manager for Firestone Building Products.

I am writing in regard to the article on exterior wall assemblies. I agree with the author the issue is certainly a challenging … Continue reading Clarification on wall systems article

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Specifying NFPA 285 Testing

By Joseph Berchenko AIA, CSI, CCS

For testing certain wall assemblies, the 2012 International Building Code (IBC) requires National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 285, Standard Fire Test Method for Evaluation of Fire Propagation Characteristics of Exterior Non-load-bearing Wall Assemblies Containing Combustible Components. (That standard’s title notwithstanding, the test is performed on both load-bearing and non-load-bearing wall assemblies.) Its successful completion demonstrates the ability of an exterior wall mockup to contain vertical and horizontal flame spread … Continue reading Specifying NFPA 285 Testing

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Code requirements for doors with access control

When specifying electrified hardware for an access control system, there is often confusion about which code requirements to follow and which system components are needed. For example, one set of requirements is titled “Access-controlled Egress Doors,” leading to a common misunderstanding all electrified hardware used with an access control system must comply with this section.

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