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Designing with Activated Fly-ash Cement Concretes

Replacing 100 percent of portland cement with fly ash to produce concrete has long been considered something remarkable in the comfort of highly controlled lab conditions, but impossible for practical large field applications. While this perception still remains for many, the reality has changed; activated fly ash cement can—and is—substituting portland cement concretes in many applications, including ready-mixed concrete, with added benefits such as low shrinkage, and resistance to corrosive acids and high temperature.

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Specifying ‘Greener’ Concrete Infrastructure

The use of rapid-setting calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) cement reduces the amount of energy and carbon dioxide emissions associated with portland cement production. It also requires less limestone—the primary source of carbon dioxide released during the chemical sintering process. Consequently, the material can play a significant role in improving the sustainability of construction materials by simply reducing the quantity of non-renewable resources used during manufacturing. The use of resources is just one part of the equation. Durability—or lifecycle—is the other.

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