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PIMA releases roof insulation research on cold climates

The Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association (PIMA) developed a research report in response to recent articles questioning the thermal performance of polyiso roof insulation in colder climates. According to “Thermal Resistance and Mean Temperature: A Report for Building Owners and Design Professionals,” polyiso roof insulation R-value shows no significant variation among North American climate zones.

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Updating values for polyiso

The January issue of The Construction Specifier included the article, “Impact of Advancements in Model Energy Codes,” by Jared O. Blum. We received the following letter to the editor from Tim Merchant of the EPS Industry Alliance, an organization representing those in the expanded polystyrene community.

The EPS Industry Alliance has always supported informative articles that advance the knowledge, proper use, and application of foam insulation. That said, the article makes some inaccurate claims … Continue reading Updating values for polyiso

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R-values: Controversy and performance values (cont’d)

The first article in this two-part series lays the groundwork for this discussion on R-values and their use as a metric for thermal insulation performance. Now, in this second part, the author examines the real-world use of it as a gauge for ensuring insulation products function as intended.1

When it was created, R-value was really the only useful tool in evaluating the effectiveness of the available building insulations, among … Continue reading R-values: Controversy and performance values (cont’d)

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Harrisonburg hot yoga studio keeps moisture out

The ideal climate for a hot yoga studio during an average 90-minute session is a temperature of 40.5 C (105 F) and 40 percent humidity. The high temperature and humidity required for this type of activity created unique challenges in the retrofit design and construction of Bikram Yoga Harrisonburg in Virginia.

The 214-m2 (2300-sf) studio, located on the first floor of a 130-year-old building, was in need of renovations and a vapor barrier system that … Continue reading Harrisonburg hot yoga studio keeps moisture out

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What R-value Are You Getting?

In an ideal world, a continuous layer of R-10 insulation could be installed over the entire surface of a building, resulting in an enclosure with an effective insulating value of R-10. However, such a structure would be both aesthetically unacceptable and impractical to build. Real buildings need thermally conductive framing, wall openings, and various combinations of continuous and interrupted insulation.

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