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Grass is greener atop St. Louis building

A 1654-m2 (17,800-sf) green roof now sits atop the 700 Market Street building in St. Louis, Missouri. Photos courtesy Bade Roofing.

A gas fire pit, a fescue lawn, and numerous seating areas are some of the green roof features installed at General American Building in St. Louis, Missouri. Located at 700 Market Street (and now known by its address), the building originally opened in 1979. The six-story structure is the only St. Louis building designed by acclaimed 20th-century U.S. architect Philip Johnson

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Raising the roof on a new medical center

The new Western Health Center (Midfield, Alabama) is a two-story facility that features proprietary mechanically seamed 50-mm (2-in.) metal roofing panels. Photo courtesy Petersen Aluminum

A barrel-vault roof with mechanically seamed metal panels serves as the focal point of the new Western Health Center in Midfield, Alabama. The two-story building consolidates three older health clinics into a new facility more centrally located to serve the patient community.

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Considerations for photovoltaic roofing systems

Non-penetrating photovoltaic (PV) sheet metal components before assembly. 
Photos courtesy Viridian Systems

by Ron Utzler

As the push toward renewable energy continues, roofing suppliers have been receiving an increased number of inquiries from photovoltaic (PV) providers regarding installation of these systems on warranted roof systems. Many of the PV suppliers operate on the assumption membrane manufacturers prefer use of ‘non-penetrating’ ballasted PV systems. However, this is not always the case.

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