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Rubber Flooring: Aces school standards for maintenance

Selecting floor coverings for education facilities can be a difficult decision, due to the various demands placed on them and the multiple options available. Just as important in the decision-making process are the maintenance requirements of the chosen floor covering, especially when cleaning costs can account for as much as 80 to 90 percent of the cost of a floor over the lifetime of the product.

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An Education on Masonry: Designing schools with the construction process in mind

Masonry may be one of the oldest construction methods, but it maintains its viability in the modern world, offering durability combined with low maintenance needs. Various building types use masonry as their primary method of construction, and even for those that do not, the serviceability of Division 04 materials makes it a popular choice for areas such as stair and elevator shafts and foundations.

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Using Gypsum Wallboard for Acoustic Control

Over the years, architects have employed a variety of wall assembly design strategies to meet sound transmission class (STC) rating requirements on projects. Some of these methods have often been either excessively expensive or complicated to install properly. Fortunately, today’s gypsum board manufacturers have developed a more practical solution with new laminated noise-reducing gypsum boards specifically designed for optimal sound attenuation and simpler installations.

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