AEC survey focuses on technology in the industry

by Katie Daniel | April 15, 2015 5:15 pm

Man using SKYSITE (3)[1]
ARC Document Solutions launched a study outlining technology and document sharing problems in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Photo courtesy ARC Document Solutions

A recent survey suggests industry-specific cloud technology is needed for better work performance, in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry.

Conducted by software company, ARC Document Solutions[2], and market research company, Newlio, the survey’s purpose was to understand document management’s effect on productivity, efficiency, and overall costs of construction project management.

The AEC industry has started to adopt new technologies, such as cloud and mobile applications, to help deliver projects both ahead of time and on schedule. There are many software solutions being offered, but there remains a lack in technology managing end-to-end document-sharing and collaboration.

In the survey, 75 percent of respondents said up to one-third of project cost overruns were due to project document difficulties and issues. Approximately 33 percent found accessing the latest set of documents and current information is a challenge, and nearly four out of 10 said online access to documents on any kind of device is one of the most important factors in increasing productivity and reducing costs.

“AEC companies are quickly adopting new technologies for improving their processes, efficiency, and profitability,” said ARC’s chief operating officer (COO), Dilantha Wijesuriya. “They are no longer satisfied with generic tools of the past, and 94 percent of AEC professionals believe generic software has led to profit loss.”

AEC professionals identified communicating with project members in the field, accessing current documents and information, and keeping up with a high volume of paperwork as the main challenges during construction.

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