Article on archaic concrete flooring featured in e-book

by arslan_ahmed | August 22, 2022 4:24 pm

Photos courtesy Hoffmann Architects Inc.

While modern flooring systems predominantly feature the durable reinforced concrete floor slab, previously there had been a number of different materials used such as brick, terracotta, and a group of materials and methods known as alternative concrete systems, which are still prevalent in a lot of built structures.

As a building manager or design professional, it is important to be aware these systems had been used previously in buildings, to avoid costly reschedules and wasted efforts before proceeding with repairs, alterations, or construction, and in doing so harming the structural integrity of the bases.

The article sheds a light on the history of these archaic flooring systems, the testing methods used for assessing their structural strength, methods of identification available to modern builders and proves that these historic systems are safe, durable and reliable into the future.

This article appears in The Construction Specifier‘s Maintaining Resilient Flooring Systems e-book[2], available in two different formats—digital edition or PDF—here:[3].

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