Architecture firms fight climate change by signing China accord

November 2, 2015

In an effort to fight climate change, architecture firms from across the globe gathered and signed the China Accord, which focuses on changing the Chinese built environment to low carbon or carbon neutral. Pictured left, Architecture 2030’s CEO, Ed Mazria; right, CEDAAB’s secretary general, Chen Zhen. Photo courtesy Architecture 2030

The China Exploration and Design Association–Architecture Branch (CEDAAB) and Architecture 2030 hosted a meeting for international and Chinese architecture firms to sign the China Accord.

By signing the agreement, the firms pledge to design cities, towns, urban developments, new buildings, and major renovations in China to low-carbon or carbon-neutral standards. It is in response to the Chinese government’s efforts to tackle climate change and achieve sustainable growth. All firms have the same mission, to collaborate efforts to dramatically reduce carbon emissions in the built environment.

“We understand our moral and professional responsibility to address the issue of greenhouse gas emissions if we are to stay within the two degree threshold established by the international scientific community, and the accord is just the beginning of our joint efforts,” said Ed Mazria, CEO of Architecture 2030. “We have a long and exciting road ahead of us to decarbonize the built environment.”

There are a number of initiatives that will support the implementation of the accord, including professional training, knowledge-sharing events and programs, a broad-based stakeholders’ forum, and the localization of design and planning strategies using real-time simulation tools.

To read the China Accord, click here. [2]

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