Construction company Katerra purchases Canadian architecture firm

The partnership between Katerra and MGA will unite technology, manufacturing, and design excellence, offering more sustainable and cost effective architecture options to the global market, says Katerra.
Photo courtesy Katerra

Katerra, a full-service design and construction company based in California, has purchased Canadian firm Michael Green Architecture (MGA). While leadership of the midsized British Columbia-based company, which specializes in tall wood buildings, will remain fundamentally unchanged, MGA will benefit from technology, expertise, and production capability, says Katerra.

“Katerra is thrilled to welcome MGA,” said Michael Marks, company chairman. “Michael Green and his team have built a reputation for engaging design and leadership in the use of mass timber. This goes a long way to support our mission to utilize cutting-edge technology and systems to revolutionize the construction industry.”

MGA has designed several large mass timber projects around the world, including Minnesota office building T3 Minneapolis, Ronald McDonald House of British Columbia in Vancouver, and the proposed Réinventer Paris in France. Additionally, the firm has received numerous honors including three Governor General’s Medals in Architecture, the highest distinction given to architectural projects in Canada.

“MGA is excited to become a part of the Katerra ecosystem,” said Green. “MGA and Katerra both aim to provide elegant, sustainable, high-performance, affordable buildings. Katerra’s goal to accomplish this on a large scale aligns with MGA’s long-term ambition. MGA is determined to create a meaningful and lasting legacy for our clients, the planet, and the social well-being of the people living on it.”

Katerra is a vertically-integrated technology company optimizing all aspects of building development, design, and construction, a self-described “disruptor” in the construction industry.

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