CSI Connect Community Page: Western influence on building design

From Stonehenge and the Pyramids to Romanesque, Renaissance, and Neoclassicism, a recent article on Thoughtco.com traces the timeline of western influences on building design. What is your favorite design era?

In a conversation about the article on the CSI Connect Community Page, where AEC professionals can easily interact with each other on a variety of industry-related topics, members discussed their favorite design era.

“Post-World War II Modernism,” said Anne Whitacre, FCSI, LEED AP. “This era in architecture celebrated some things perhaps a little too much (think cheap energy and the automobile!), but it was just so enthusiastic in its thinking. After poo-poohing some of this as ‘my parent’s style,’ I now really appreciate the cleanliness of modern design; definitely appreciate how difficult it is to construct properly; and love the optimism of it.”

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