Exposed drip edges among topics in masonry e-book

The magazine’s series of sponsored e-books continues with a look at different aspects of masonry design and construction.

Designers are creating new and exciting contemporary masonry designs that demand clean, smooth wall plane elevations. One challenge that can interfere with unobstructed aesthetics is the visual effects of masonry drip-edge flashing. This potential obstacle has also carried through to traditional masonry design. Designers and specifiers can find it difficult to balance design and functional water management requirements.

New masonry flashing details, materials, and moisture control systems have enabled designers to provide water management solutions without sacrificing aesthetics. From the pages of The Construction Specifier, one of the articles in the newest sponsored e-book will provide details, specifications, and explanations for a variety of flashing details that can enable code-compliant water management flashing systems without aesthetic interference.

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