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Insulated masonry system helps Illinois police station open ahead of schedule

The Glen Ellyn police station in Illinois had been operating from the village’s downtown civic center for nearly four decades and was due for replacement. After reviewing several methods and systems, Jonathan Tallman, regional public safety director for Chicago-based architects Dewberry and project manager for the Glen Ellyn police station project concluded new advancements in masonry wall systems were ideal for the new station.

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‘Breathable’ coatings for masonry walls

Coatings used with brick masonry should be breathable, especially in colder climates—they must allow moisture entering the wall system to escape. Failure of brick that has been covered by a non-breathable coating underscores the importance of selecting appropriate repairs when needed. If a coating does need to be applied, the masonry must first be repaired as needed, with all joints between brick units properly pointed.

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