New resources cement concreting skills

New resources from Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association (CSDA) offer support to professionals who work in concrete cutting, polishing, ground penetrating radar (GPR) imaging, and selective demolition.
Photo courtesy CSDA

Specifiers and contractors can enhance their concrete cutting, polishing, ground-penetrating radar (GPR) imaging, and selective demolition skills with two newly released resources from Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association (CSDA). Free to access on the organization’s website, the CSDA Resource Guide and Membership Directory offer technical information to design/construction professionals in concrete cutting with diamond tools.

Diamond tools can be suitable for a wide range of applications, including industrial renovations, construction and renovation of commercial and residential structures, slab and structure resurfacing and removal, and infrastructure renovation. Exploring advantages such as the method’s precision and ability to reduce downtime, expenses, noise, dust, and debris, the two new resources can support architects, engineers, general contractors, and government officials as well as specifiers.

“The systems employed by CSDA contractors can provide significant cost advantages over contentional removal and inspection methods, yet many specifiers are unaware of these techniques and capabilities,” said Patrick O’Brien, CSDA’s executive director. “Whether it is a major infrastructure project such as a power plant or dam renovation, or a highway or airport surface repair job, cutting, polishing, imaging, or selectively demolishing concrete can be much more cost-effective than other methods.”

The 2017 Resource Guide contains 45 expert-reviewed documents—seven of which are new, with others having undergone revisions—ranging from standards and specifications to tolerances and best practices. Notable additions include:

  • CSDA-TL-001, U.S. Tolerances and Limits for Concrete Drilling, which offers dimensional tolerances for specifiers to develop clear statements of work;
  • CSDA-BP-017, Depiction/Marking of Existing Subsurface Embedments; and
  • CSDA-BP-019, Robotic Demolition.

The latter two documents address safe work practices in comparatively new industry areas—namely, robotic demolition and GPR.

The 2017 Membership Directory contains an up-to-date list of CSDA’s members within and outside of North America, spanning 21 countries. It is supported by other online member search options, including a search map and boxes.

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