New Washington park kiosko built for Mexican traditions

The Kiwanis Methow Park, a central gathering space and cultural anchor in Wenatchee, Washington, has a new 81 m2 (874 sf) kiosko which was created for the Trust for Public Land. Photo courtesy Methow park

The Kiwanis Methow Park in Wenatchee, Washington, welcomes a new 81 m2 (874 sf) kiosko, designed to reflect the local Mexican community.

Designed by architect Fivedot, landscape architect Site Workshop, and contractor KCRI, the kiosko echoes the central gathering places traditional to the cities of local Mexican families. The project team worked with the community to design an 81 m2 (874 sf) kiosko to anchor the new park and provide a visual point of cultural identity for the community.

The deep overhangs shade casual gatherings during the week while the steel arches frame mariachi performances in the evening. Murals on the concrete benches were done by Claire Barnett with Seattle Mosaic Arts using designs originating from the artist led workshops where community members created the various plates which were installed. Wenatchee artist Terry Valdez led the visioning and coordination for these efforts.

More than 500 residents participated in the visioning process to ensure that the park would reflect the priorities of the community: family gatherings, cultural festivals, and community events.

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