Quantifying savings with infrared-reflective metal coatings

The results were quantified using three metrics:

energy cost savings;
energy cost percentage savings; and
simulation auto-sized design airflow capacity.

The modeled building
The eight-story office building was modeled with 22,389 m2 (241,000 sf) of floor area and a slightly rectangular footprint, with five zones per floor. The wall insulation varied by the location, and was based on the minimum requirements of American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) 90.1, Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-rise Residential Buildings. Roof insulation was R-20 continuous insulation (ci), as specified by ASHRAE 90.1, for all the modeled locations. Figure 1 provides additional details on the building envelope, while Figure 2 gives details on internal loads of the building. Figure 3 describes the heating and cooling systems.

F1 (2)
This table includes additional building envelope information. Data courtesy PPG
F2 (2)
Details on internal loads of the building are shown here.
F3 (2)
Heating and cooling systems are described here.
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