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Specifying ceiling panels with a high NRC

Standards now require high-performance sound absorption overhead in many building types. Understanding the acoustic requirements within the building standards and translating those correctly into a project’s written specification is only the first step. One should also understand other potential impacts on the building design to ensure the facility sounds good overall when completed.

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Controlling air

In most climate zones within the United States, a dedicated air barrier is required by code as part of the building enclosure to control and manage airflow between the conditioned interior and exterior environments.

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Accessibility of operable windows and balcony doors

To help ensure accessibility of fresh air and a connection with the outdoors for those with physical disabilities, windows capable of meeting operating force and motion requirements of International Code Council/American National Standards Institute (ICC/ANSI) A117.1, Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities, are being more commonly specified.

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