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Terraced plaza energizes New York’s cultural district

In the heart of Brooklyn, New York’s cultural district, a new 32-story building was created by Ten Arquitectos’ Enrique Norten with executive architect Ismael Leyva. The goal of this project was to draw people into the space. The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) South tower is a mixed-use building that employs a porous design and a terraced plaza to enliven an underused section of the district.

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Complex metal cladding encloses Olympic museum

Leaving a legacy often requires fortitude of purpose and character that only the best among us can realize, regardless of pursuit. In athletics, the pinnacle of success is that of an Olympic gold medalist, a champion among all. In construction and design, legacies may not be as easily quantified but once the truly spectacular is achieved it is hard to ignore.

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