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‘Breathable’ coatings for masonry walls

Coatings used with brick masonry should be breathable, especially in colder climates—they must allow moisture entering the wall system to escape. Failure of brick that has been covered by a non-breathable coating underscores the importance of selecting appropriate repairs when needed. If a coating does need to be applied, the masonry must first be repaired as needed, with all joints between brick units properly pointed.

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Architectural coating extends high school’s concrete look

When Danvers High School in Massachusetts embarked on a $70.9-million renovation and expansion project, staying within the budget and on schedule were at the top of its priority list. The first floor of the three-story academic building was clad with insulated precast concrete panels to provide a new ‘skin’ for the structure. Expanding the precast to the upper two stories was too expensive, so the architects looked to metal paneling to provide the look and feel they desired.

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Hot-dip galvanizing for buildings and architecture

Structural steel has been the material of choice in the building market for decades because of the numerous benefits it provides. While steel offers an effective and efficient framing system for the building envelope, the hot-dip galvanizing of both interior and exterior elements is one method to provide a durable and maintenance-free corrosion protection system for generations.

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