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New IBC rules for insulation in unvented enclosed roof framing assemblies

Unvented roof systems, where the insulation and air barrier are applied directly to the underside of the roof deck, are common in applications where designers are seeking cost-effective and energy-efficient roof assemblies. However, designers of compact roof assemblies must consider vapor permeance and arrangement of the roofing materials to produce acceptable hygrothermal performance and low risk of condensation in the conditioned attic space. To this end, the 2015 version of the International Building Code (IBC) includes new provisions relating to unvented attic and unvented enclosed rafter assemblies that dictate how designers specify vapor retarders and placement of insulation in compact roof assemblies for condensation control.

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How thermoplastic membranes changed the low-slope roofing market

Thermoplastic roofing membranes, one of the fastest growing forms of low-slope roofing products, come in different material families, including thermoplastic olefin (TPO), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and PVC alloy. Some attributes shared by TPO and PVC membranes include long-term weathering resistance, cold temperature flexibility, resistance to tear, puncture, and chemicals, and heat-seaming capability.

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