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The benefits of a self-adhered, modified bitumen roof system

by Abby Feinstein

Facing labor shortages and the need to maximize profit, commercial roofing contractors have had to find new ways to move efficiently from one project to the next. While industry-valued as durable protection, traditional bituminous low-slope roofing installation methods utilizing mopped asphalt or torch welding come with application constraints and safety considerations. These can increase time spent on a jobsite and create challenges for workers, resulting in higher contractor insurance costs. Traditional installation … Continue reading The benefits of a self-adhered, modified bitumen roof system

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Moisture management covered in latest e-book

An article in our newest sponsored e-book discusses advances in building wrap products that are helping wall systems dry out when they inevitably get wet. It appears along with a trio of articles from the pages of The Construction Specifier in “Ideas on Permeability” a free, downloadable resource.

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Specifying zinc façades

Used in Europe since the 1800s, zinc exterior wall cladding has gained popularity in the united states during the last few decades. As a proven and dependable material, architectural rolled zinc products complement both contemporary and traditional designs. As buildings weather and age, their zinc façades develop a recognizable patina that are unique to the projects’ sites.

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