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Revealing winners of the 2019 International Architecture Awards

Jürgen Mayer H’s new Museum Garage in Miami, Florida, the Uber Advanced Technologies Group’s research and development center in San Francisco, California, Weiss/Manfredi’s TATA Innovation Center at Cornell Tech in New York, ZGF Architects’ Google Spruce Goose, Playa Vista, California, and the Blanton Museum of Art in Austin, Texas, top the list of buildings winning the 2019 International Architecture Awards (IAAs).

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NY hospital expansion bridges multiple design styles

To meet the growing needs of the community, Northwell Health in Huntington, New York, needed a bigger emergency department (ED. The facility utilized a split-flow, ‘super track’ model for its expansion to filter the patient volume into two treatment areas to more effectively manage patient wait-times and reduce their length of stay.

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