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Dispatch from Alaska: insights on moisture, soil, and material performance

Research conducted by Connor and researcher colleagues at the University of Alaska sought to expand the understanding of how both rigid foam insulations (XPS and EPS) perform over time when confronted by harsh conditions in below-grade applications. The most recent study, conducted in 2019, built on previous findings from research done in Alaska and Canada, examines the use of insulation in roadway embankments and airport runways.

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An affordable, energy-efficient hat for buildings

Throughout history, mothers have admonished their children to “wear a hat or you will catch a cold.” While we now know this is not true, mom’s advice provides building professionals with an important reminder why roof insulation is crucial: buildings lose about 25 percent of their heat through the roof when it is cold outside. On hot days, the roofing membrane can hold heat for hours, which puts a burden on air-conditioning equipment.

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