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Opening the door to hydraulics in Seattle

Sam’s Tavern in Seattle, Washington, has been described as a “whimsical bar.” In order to increase the restaurant and bar’s overall capacity, owner James Snyder opted for two hydraulic doors, designed to open to an outside courtyard. Clad in glass to maximize natural light, the doors lay at a flat 90 degree angle when fully open, which creates a covered patio with additional seating that patrons can enjoy, even on Seattle’s many rainy days.

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Seattle unveils innovative urban greenhouses

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, has opened its much-anticipated Spheres at the company headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Located in the city’s Denny Regrade neighborhood, the unique structures were designed by architectural firm NBBJ as a ‘botanical immersion’ with the purpose of improving employee productivity and collaboration through development of a more natural and biodiverse workplace.

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