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Protecting a structure against air intrusion

Air barriers create airtightness and help protect against energy loss, water infiltration, and other hazards impacting the durability and resiliency of a building and the comfort and health of its occupants. Climate conditions, temperature, location, and intended use of a building all are factors to consider for the specification and selection of air barriers.

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Keeping it dry … during construction

A primary design goal for any building enclosure should be to minimize the infiltration of bulk water into the intended dry zone of the various enclosure assemblies for the duration of their anticipated service life. Significant and/or recurring water infiltration can adversely affect moisture-sensitive materials and the overall performance of the enclosure. However, an often-overlooked aspect of achieving this goal is the control and management of bulk water during the project’s construction phase.

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It is time to saddle up!

Moisture-related problems are common at critical interface conditions in the building enclosure due to discontinuities in the air/moisture control layers. One such instance is where a parapet at a lower roof meets an exterior rising wall of an upper floor or another enclosure assembly.

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