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Specifying ballistic resistance

When specifying, designing, or building with ballistic-resistant products and/or assemblies, it is important to use safe, high-quality products that have not only been tested to accepted industry standards, but also certified. There is some confusion in the marketplace about testing and certification. Contrary to what some may believe, one does not necessarily mean the other.

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Why Get Certified?

The certification programs offered by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) offer high value in numerous ways, enabling participants to not only advance their own career goals, but also benefit the companies and clients with whom they work. The programs encourage individuals to become familiar with the fundamentals and principles of construction specifications, and the organization of documents as recommended by CSI.

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Do You Know Today’s CSI?

The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) wrapped up its 56th Annual Convention this past September. The participating members came away from the event excited about our community, the relationships they built, the education they obtained, and the professional knowledge they contributed.

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