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Sustainability in the Desert: Medical education facility showcases copper design

Relying on sustainable design to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification requirements, the new biomedical facility at The University of Arizona College of Medicine–Phoenix is one of the most innovative construction projects in the U.S. Inspired by its surrounding southwestern landscape, the Health Sciences Education Building (HSEB) façade is predominately constructed with recycled copper forming a beautiful and intricate cladding system that is most suitable for desert climate. Using nearly 6000 copper panels and more than 10,000 copper parts.

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Expanding the Glass Canvas with Digital Printing

Digital printing on glass is a relatively new way for architects and designers to add high-resolution multi-color design elements to building exteriors and interiors. It uses specialized software to create electronic files the digital printer can use to deposit ceramic ink onto the glass surface through a print head—the resulting image is permanently fused to the glass. The ceramic ink used in digital printing has characteristics similar to ceramic frit, but there are differences to understand.

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