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Brick Cladding: Helping keep moisture out

by Crysta Thomas

Every year, the summer solstice marks the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, followed by humidity interchanged with dryness. Periods of intermittent rain showers followed by stretches of blistering heat are common and these climate variations can lead to an increase in wall moisture. This moisture can negatively impact the safety and structural integrity of buildings.

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Avoiding Problems in Aquatics Facilities: Atypical design for atypical buildings

There are many issues to consider when designing a natatorium, including the choice of structural systems, building enclosure components, mechanical systems, and the operation of adjacent spaces in multi-use facilities. The intent of this article is to discuss the typical problems that the authors have investigated in over a dozen existing natatoriums and provide practical guidance for avoiding those problems through diligent and careful design and construction.

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Retrofitting multi-wythe masonry as a veneer assembly

The exterior walls of ‘historic’ buildings are typically constructed of multi-wythe masonry, which controls rainwater by absorption and evaporation. This type of assembly does not have internal drainage and often lacks flashings at critical locations (e.g. window heads), making them susceptible to leakage as the mortar joints deteriorate over time or during heavy, prolonged storm events. Embedded steel in the masonry walls can rust and ‘exfoliate,’ resulting in masonry cracking and bulging, along with increased water entry into the wall system.

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