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by arslan_ahmed | January 13, 2023 4:23 pm

There are many ways you, your company, and your customers can benefit from CSI certification. Photo ©Dreamstime.com

Kick off the new year with an advanced certification from CSI

Looking for a New Year’s resolution that will create new opportunities and advanced expertise for your career in the architecture, engineering, construction, and owner (AECO) industry? This CSI certification is instrumental in helping strengthen and demonstrate your understanding of the entire construction process and concrete skills in:

Here are just a few ways you, your company, and your customers benefit from the CSI certification:


  1. Recognition throughout the industry of your education, knowledge, and experience with construction documents
  2. Career advancement potential
  3. Contribution to the development of more effective documentation processes and practices, which will keep you out of court or will stand you up in court
  4. Greater confidence in your authority and responsibility as part of a project delivery team

Your company

  1. Increased staff loyalty and productivity
  2. Set benchmarks for hiring and promotion
  3. Cost-effective professional development for your team that trains them to work from one body of knowledge

You, your company, and your customers

  1. Fewer change orders
  2. Increased likelihood of projects delivered on time and on budget
  3. Collaboration with a knowledgeable, trusted resource

CSI offers the CDT®, CCCA®, CCS®, and CCPR™ certification examinations twice annually, in spring and fall. Early Bird Registration for the Spring 2023 exam cycle opens February 1, 2023 and runs until March 3, 2023. Find out more about each certification and how you can invest in your future at www.csiresources.org/certification/exam-registration.

CSI Connect community discussion: Recruiting young specifiers is a hot topic

The CSI Community Connect Forum is the go-to resource where you can connect with AECO peers in real-time, keep up on current events, get informative professional insight, and share interesting information about yourself.

Currently, there are three conversations discussing how CSI, the AECO industry, and individual firms can recruit new talent and appeal to a larger demographic of the emerging workforce.

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