CSI National Conference awards The Construction Specifier’s article of the year

by arslan_ahmed | November 1, 2022 11:46 am

Ed Davis, president of Ceilume, a manufacturer of thermoformed ceilings, seen here accepting The Construction Specifier’s 2022 article of the year award. From (left to right) Jason Cramp, executive editor of The Construction Specifier; outgoing Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) board chair Marvin Kemp, FCSI, CDT, AIA; and CSI director-at-large George Wade Bevier, FCSI, CCS at the CSI National Conference in Denver, Colorado. Photo courtesy Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)

The Construction Specifier’s feature, “Why Fire Sprinklers Belong Above Suspended Drop-out Ceilings[2],” was awarded article of the year in October at the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) National Conference in Denver, Colorado.

The article was written by Ed Davis, Ben Carr, and Michael Chusid, FCSI, CDT,®. Chusid gets the honor for co-authoring this article posthumously.

The award is presented to the author or authors of an original article published in The Construction Specifier during the 2022 fiscal year. Individual articles are nominated by the magazine’s editorial staff and judged by its editorial advisory board.

The article discusses how drop-out ceilings provide an alternative to “poke-through” sprinkler installations, forgoing the need to install drops from sprinkler mains. Thereby, sprinklers can penetrate the ceiling and discharge water into the room below. It also sheds light on the importance of communication among project designers and engineers to ensure the successful use of drop-out ceilings, allowing for their implementation in situations where penetrating sprinklers are not the optimum solution.

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