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The Construction Specifier’s series of sponsored e-books continues with a detailed look at the water control layer of building enclosures.

Technology for the air, water, and thermal control layers has evolved over the years, but there is some inconsistency related to terminology, detailing, and testing.

The Construction Specifier’s “Best of” series of sponsored e-books continues with a look at methods to protect buildings from the elements.

Protecting Against Water Intrusion is a four-part e-book providing insight on the function and design of air and water control layers in modern, high-performance building enclosures, with an emphasis on the effect of penetrations and cladding attachment systems.

Readers will learn detailing for the high-risk areas of a wall system that permit moisture to enter the cavity, and how the transitions between face- and concealed-barrier systems must be closely examined to maintain continuity of the air, water, thermal, and vapor barriers.

The impact of cladding attachments on the air and water barriers, and the terminology related to the performance of fastener penetrations through materials, such as “self-healing” and “self-gasketing,” are also covered.

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