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Aesthetics, stability go hand-in-hand with continuous exterior insulation systems

How can designers, specifiers, and contractors capitalize on the growing trend of multiple aesthetic looks for a building’s exterior while ensuring the structural stability of a building enclosure? The connective tissue to solve this equation lies beneath what the eye can see. It is a singular, cohesive building envelope which relies on exterior continuous insulation (ci). Employing materials to work in concert with each other can deliver key value propositions, such as design freedom, long-term performance, potential cost savings, and peace of mind.

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Trial to trend: The growth of prefabricated exterior walls

When prefabrication enters the construction equation, the game changes dramatically. Manufacturers can produce complete exterior wall panels in a climate-controlled facility with no weather limitations. Wall panels can then be transported to a job site where they are hoisted into place and attached to the structure without the need for exterior access.

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