Inspect the Substrate!

September 4, 2013

Our March 2013 article, “Using Pre-cured Sealants in Construction Applications,” written by Jason Bakus, resulted in a letter to the editor from Gerald “Jerry” Zakim, CSI Emeritus.

Zakim, who has written for The Construction Specifier’s Failures column, e-mailed his comments:

With interest, I read Jason Bakus’ March article and its advocacy for the material’s use adhered to residual sealant. Since it is a given, in all circumstances, that surfaces must be clean, dry, free of foreign matter, and sound to receive any materials applied, I was disappointed there was no mention of the importance of inspecting the surface. This needs to be done to determine whether further preparation has to be made to ensure the ability of the old sealant/adhesive to hold/adhere the pre-cured sealant under the stress and strain of the movement that must take place.

In my opinion, the article could cause the specifier to overlook the important steps of inspection, preparation, and the like.

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