Spec provider BSD merges with RIB Group

June 10, 2019

Building Systems Design (BSD) is acquired by Germany-based RIB Group. Photo © www.bigstockphoto.com[1]
Building Systems Design (BSD) is acquired by Germany-based RIB Group.
Photo © www.bigstockphoto.com

Building Systems Design[2] (BSD), a provider of master guide specification content and software for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) sectors, and building owners, is joining Germany-based RIB Group[3], a company that develops cutting-edge digital technologies for the construction industry. RIB Group is acquiring the majority ownership of BSD.

“Our goal is to make collaboration easier, including through seamless building information modeling (BIM) integration and revolutionary cloud technology,” said Chris Anderson, president of BSD.

BSD sought an industry partner to fuel innovation and enhance the software’s digital capabilities, and team up with an international company to support its global expansion.

BSD’s leadership team will remain at the helm of the company, unchanged, including CEO Chris Anderson, executive chairman Iain Melville, and chief innovation officer Arol Wolford.

BSD will maintain its relationships with the Construction Specifications Institute[4] (CSI) and Construction Specifications Canada[5] (CSC), which will remain integral to the company’s strategy and success. CSI and BSD are committed to continuing their long-standing strategic collaboration into this next phase. As a result of this new partnership, Caltius Structured Capital[6] will no longer be involved.

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