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Fully tempered glass and spontaneous fracture

Fully tempered glass offers designers certain advantages over annealed and heat-strengthened glass, including increased strength to resist imposed loads and thermal stresses, as well as a characteristic breakage pattern in a “relatively safe” manner; however, these features come at the cost of increased optical distortion and an often overlooked risk of spontaneous breakage in-service due to nickel sulfide inclusions.

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Sealant Joint Solutions

by Arthur L. Sanders, AIA, and Lawrence E. Keenan, AIA, PE
In both new construction and rehabilitation projects, sealant joints are often given short shrift when it comes to time and attention, as well as budget. Sealants often comprise the lowest percentage of a project’s overall cost—this is surprising considering all these products are asked to do.

As modern buildings have moved away from mass walls toward lighter, more pliant construction, designers rely on … Continue reading Sealant Joint Solutions

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