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Approaching concrete longevity in corrosive water environments

MCI technology is an important option for concrete structural designers to consider. MCI has shown itself to be a viable tool to reduce corrosion and extend service life. Its benefits in terms of practicality, cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and service life potential make it worthy of further investigation by any engineer, contractor, builder, or construction professional seeking time-tested, innovative ways to enhance concrete longevity in corrosive water handling environments.

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Avoiding galvanic corrosion with dissimilar metals

When two different metals are in contact and exposed to moisture containing salts or pollutants, one of the metals can experience accelerated corrosion while the other remains protected. This type of accelerated corrosion between dissimilar metals negatively impacts the overall corrosion protection of the project and is referred to as galvanic corrosion, bi-metallic corrosion, or dissimilar metal corrosion. It can be prevented by utilizing compatible metals and/or favorable surface area ratios, providing barriers to break electrical contact between metals, or isolating the metals from the environment.

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Building for infrastructure durability

Building for durability of concrete infrastructure in severe environments is an ongoing challenge for contractors and engineers. Using a performance-related design method offers a good strategy for extending service life by taking a long-term approach to mitigating corrosion.

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