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Re-shaping seating, staging design for a post-COVID era

COVID-19 has led to a new norm of social distancing that will play a major role in how people gather at events in the coming months and years. As sporting games, live theater productions, conventions, and other events slowly return, many of these venues will need to adapt their settings to accommodate new social spacing requirements and requests.

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Free app makes health screening easy at jobsites

As the construction industry reopens in California and across the United States, BuildCenter, a software spinoff from COBE Construction, Inc., is offering a free health screening tool and attendance log. The app helps all construction companies meet critical mandates set by many local health agencies.

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AIA releases 3D office models for reducing risk of COVID-19

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has released strategies and 3D models for office spaces and retail stores that can help employers and businesses reopen more safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Design strategies provide a holistic approach to modifying stores and offices using a 17-point architectural, engineering, and administrative framework based on recent COVID-19 public health information.

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