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Perkins and Will announces winners of 2020 Phil Freelon Design Competition

A self-sustaining community embracing the diversity of New Yorkers has won the 2020 Phil Freelon Design Competition, an annual firm-wide event that seeks to elevate Perkins and Will’s design culture. Designed by Vangel Kukov and Hala El Khorazaty, the conceptual project transforms a current industrial building site in Manhattan’s West Village, one of New York City’s most expensive neighborhoods, into a multi-generational, multi-cultural residential and civic hub that builds and strengthens community.

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Being faithful to the mockup

When properly specified and executed, the preconstruction performance mockup of an enclosure assembly can offer several benefits to any project. Most notably, the mockup provides project teams the opportunity to observe, evaluate, and refine the design, fabrication, and installation sequencing of the enclosure assemblies and corresponding interface conditions.

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