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Approaching concrete longevity in corrosive water environments

MCI technology is an important option for concrete structural designers to consider. MCI has shown itself to be a viable tool to reduce corrosion and extend service life. Its benefits in terms of practicality, cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and service life potential make it worthy of further investigation by any engineer, contractor, builder, or construction professional seeking time-tested, innovative ways to enhance concrete longevity in corrosive water handling environments.

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Best practices for specifying resinous flooring systems

There are two flooring chemistries that have both existed in the United States for more than 15 years but are rarely specified relative to their epoxy counterparts. Urethane cements and methyl methacrylate (MMA) have already been established as viable resinous flooring solutions for a variety of challenges. Urethane cements are one of the best solutions for resisting thermal shock from steam, grease, and other hot contaminants, while MMA can accept a fresh topcoat at any future time without requiring any mechanical preparation.

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Restoring and maintaining archaic concrete floor systems

As a part of the living history of construction, archaic floor systems exist in many buildings despite having been supplanted by modern construction methods. As a building manager or design professional, it is important to be aware these systems are in use today, and to recognize one in place before attempting repairs, alterations, or construction to avoid inadvertently damaging the integrity of a structure.

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