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Dispatch from Alaska: insights on moisture, soil, and material performance

Research conducted by Connor and researcher colleagues at the University of Alaska sought to expand the understanding of how both rigid foam insulations (XPS and EPS) perform over time when confronted by harsh conditions in below-grade applications. The most recent study, conducted in 2019, built on previous findings from research done in Alaska and Canada, examines the use of insulation in roadway embankments and airport runways.

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Extruded polystyrene in protected membrane roof assemblies

Protected Membrane Roof Assemblies (PMRAs) have benefitted from more than a half century of innovations and improvements. PMRAs developed in sophistication along with new building materials such as modified bituminous roofing membranes and single-ply roofing materials; and new applications such as vegetative roof assemblies (VRAs, or green roofs) and stormwater retention and detention assemblies (blue roofs).

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