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Decorative flooring aesthetics and durability

When considering decorative flooring options, the statement, “beauty is more than skin deep,” applies to the floor finish more than one might think. The surface underfoot is a complicated area, and getting the look right means not only understanding the desired aesthetics, but also how this visual is going to be created and whether it will be able to maintain its appearance and functionality when faced with a site’s daily conditions. For example, will the finish be subjected to heavy foot traffic, ultraviolet (UV) exposure, food and drink spillages, frequent cleaning, or impacts? The list of design considerations is lengthy.

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Diverse finishes maximize granite’s potential

Well-known for its beauty and durability, granite offers numerous design benefits. However, a less familiar advantage is its versatility—particularly when multiple finishes are applied. Today, design teams are selecting one granite type, choosing several finishes, and achieving great variety, texture, and appeal.

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