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Improving water management and energy efficiency with tapered roof insulation

Whether for new construction or a replacement on an existing building, installing a low-slope roof is a project that requires careful planning and design to ensure the new system will meet the rigorous demands during its service life. Employing tapered insulation is a cost-effective way to increase a roof’s thermal efficiency while also implementing an adequate rainwater management strategy that includes both proper drainage and elimination of ponding water.

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Extruded polystyrene in protected membrane roof assemblies

Protected Membrane Roof Assemblies (PMRAs) have benefitted from more than a half century of innovations and improvements. PMRAs developed in sophistication along with new building materials such as modified bituminous roofing membranes and single-ply roofing materials; and new applications such as vegetative roof assemblies (VRAs, or green roofs) and stormwater retention and detention assemblies (blue roofs).

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