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Next-gen sprayfoam systems: shifting to HFO blowing agents

The push toward HFO-based sprayfoam blowing agent technology is the latest step in an ongoing evolution to phase out the use of chemicals known to harm the ozone and climate. In addition to reducing the negative Earth impacts of sprayfoam insulation and roofing materials, there are also product performance and installation considerations. This article will explain the blowing agent shift and why it matters to those considering the specification of sprayfoam for both insulation and roofing applications in commercial building projects.

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Improving water management and energy efficiency with tapered roof insulation

Whether for new construction or a replacement on an existing building, installing a low-slope roof is a project that requires careful planning and design to ensure the new system will meet the rigorous demands during its service life. Employing tapered insulation is a cost-effective way to increase a roof’s thermal efficiency while also implementing an adequate rainwater management strategy that includes both proper drainage and elimination of ponding water.

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