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Improving resilience with fiber-cement siding

Fiber cement can increase the resilience of homes and other structures in the face of environmental threats posed by the sun, precipitation, wind, and fire. In order to maximize the performance of fiber cement against the elements and to successfully install them, owners and builders must be aware of clearances, flashing, placement of joints, proper installation tools, and other requirements provided by manufacturers.

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Metal panels dynamically skin Iowa university building

During the last decade, the construction industry has seen an evolution of finishes and applications. This has changed the way metal panels are being designed—they are no longer viewed just as a durable means to enclose a building. This change in perception can be seen in the adoption of a complex metal rainscreen system comprising interlacing patterns to form beautiful, complex façades.

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New Connecticut facility offers privacy and community for patient families

The first phase of construction of a residential facility for families of patients at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital, Connecticut, was completed recently. The newly-built residential complex is larger and more conveniently located directly across the street from the hospital’s entrance. It offers a welcoming and natural setting in an urban context, providing both privacy and community for residing families.

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