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Mainstay roof coating applications

In the last two decades, the improved technologies of silicone, acrylic, and polyurethane have become better integrated into basic roofing practice, not only expanding the range of roofing applications but also competing successfully against the traditional asphalt coatings used for maintaining traditional built-up (BUR) roofs. Today, most manufacturers of entire roof assemblies also have a coatings line, including at least two of these four technologies.

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Roof coatings and reroofing projects

Selecting the proper reroofing material for a given structure after an existing assembly has reached the end of its useful life can be a daunting decision. Affordability, among other technical and performance considerations, remains at the top of the list of most building owners’ concerns.

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Restoring aged EPDM roof assemblies

When replacing a roof, it has generally been good practice to tear off the existing assembly and replace it with new material. However, this is beginning to change. Simply getting rid of an older roof may not be the best choice for the building owner or the environment.

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