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Reroof or re-cover?

Two options can be considered when a new roof is needed on an existing building: completely remove and replace all existing roofing materials (replacement), or install a new one over the existing roof (re-cover).

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Specifying broomed exterior concrete surfaces

As a safety requirement, all exterior concrete surfaces must have a slip-resistant surface. The most common method for this is specifying a ‘broom finish.’ But, is that all there is to it? Specifications must also satisfy owner requirements for appearance, flatness, texture, as well as drainage.

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Case Study: Shower failure

Whether it is a shower or an exterior deck or balcony, the waterproof membrane surface must be sloped to drain or away from the building. Shower pans or receptors are supposed to have a pre-sloped mortar bed installed over the base substrate before installing the waterproof membrane.

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