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Standardizing the fan energy index

Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) announced the publication of ANSI/AMCA Standard 208-18, Calculation of the Fan Energy Index, a new standard that defines the calculation method for fan energy index (FEI), an energy-efficient metric for fans inclusive of motors and drives.

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AWC releases design specification for wood construction

American Wood Council (AWC) regularly reviews and updates its codes and standards to keep pace with technological advances and material innovations affecting the use of wood products in the country. The council recently updated its National Design Specification (NDS) for Wood Construction. Developed by AWC’s wood design standards committee, the 2018 NDS is referenced for wood design in this year’s International Building Code (IBC).

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ASCE updates its standard for retrofits in seismic zones

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) recently updated its guidelines for retrofits in earthquake-prone areas. The ASCE/Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) 41-17, Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Buildings, describes deficiency-based and systematic procedures to evaluate and retrofit existing buildings to withstand the effects of earthquakes.

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